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Veterinary Services: Acupuncture

Dr. Teresa Bradley Bays is now a certified veterinary acupuncturist!

To learn more about these unique treatments, we advise you to view the following brief video originally produced for PBS:

We use an individualized treatment plan for each pet and have seen tremendous improvement in our patients. Some of them gain a quality of life their families never imagined they could ever have again!

Veterinary AcupunctureHow does acupuncture work?
There is normally energy flow all the time on all of the meridians on the body from one acupoint to another. Where there is not free flow there is pain and disease occurs. Each acupoint (the place where needles are placed) has been shown to have a decreased electrical resistance, increased area of electrical conductivity and a high density of free nerve endings, arterioloes, lymphatic vessels and mast cells. By restoring normal energy flow, pain is relieved and the organs are able to work more effectively and the body functions better as a whole.

How will an acupuncture and herbal therapy treatment plan be made for my pet?
Many things are taken into consideration when developing an individualized treatment plan for your pet. These include physical examination findings, symptoms, the history of medical problems, tongue and pulse examination, palpation of organ association points, your pet's personality, and answers to the acupuncture questionnaire. By using all of this information we are able to treat the whole pet every time, rather than to treat individual symptoms. Acupuncture and herbal therapies work best when used alongside traditional veterinary medical therapies.

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