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Madeline Anderson, DVM

Madeline Anderson, DVM - Associate VeterinarianDr. Madeline Anderson earned her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine degree from Kansas State University in 2017. She also attended KSU for her Bachelor degree in Animal Science, and was admitted into the Early Admissions Program for Pre-Veterinary Scholars in 2010, allowing her to go to veterinary school after only three years of undergraduate study.

Her professional interests include exotic animal medicine and diagnostic imaging. Dr. Anderson is especially passionate about treating reptiles and amphibians, and enjoys educating first-time exotic pet owners on how to optimally care for their new pet. Dr. Anderson is currently working towards expanding her skills by becoming board certified in Reptile and Amphibian Practice, as well as Exotic Companion Mammal Practice. She is a member of the Kansas City Veterinary Medical Association, Association of Reptilian and Amphibian Veterinarians, and American Veterinary Medical Association.

In her free time, Dr. Anderson likes to play board games and try new restaurants with family and friends. At home, Dr. Anderson has a standard ball python named Hobart, or Hobo for short. He is her first pet and now a happy and healthy 7 year old. She credits Hobo as being the start of her love for exotic animals and collection of reptiles. She also has crested Geckos, Starbuck and Ianto.

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