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Overnight Boarding

At Belton Animal Clinic, our highly qualified kennel attendants take the time to feed, nurture, and lavish attention on your animal companions when you can’t be there. We provide fundamental care for your dog or cat, as well as personal services such as brushing and cuddling, for a healthy and happy boarding experience. You're welcome to bring your pet's favorite toys or bedding, though this is not required.

Our boarders receive constant attention from on-site kennel technicians — even on the weekends! Your pet is always cared for and enjoys complete comfort in our climate-controlled facility. With safety as our first concern, we leash-walk boarding dogs three times a day for some outdoor fun. If your dog is a climber, features include tall cages as well. And all boarders may enjoy a relaxing bath and/or brushing before returning home (additional fees may apply for extra services).Dog Kennel Runs

A great benefit to boarding your pets at a veterinary clinic is that the kennel staff is trained to recognize medical issues which can be brought immediately to the attention of the veterinarians so that problems can be resolved right away. Also older pets and pets with medical conditions can be monitored more closely with the confidence that they are supervised by our trained veterinary team. An experienced member of our staff will safely and comfortably administer your pet's medications.

Exotics BoardingFor our bird, reptile and small mammal boarders, we offer separate accommodations away from the dogs and cats and other busy parts of the hospital. This greatly reduces the stress of boarding for these sensitive creatures.

Belton Animal Clinic & Exotic Care Center’s boarding facility is often booked well in advance, so please call us early to schedule kennel space for your pet. You can bring your own food, or we will take a fresh bag off the shelf and you can take the rest home when you pick up your pet. For the health and safety of all boarders, up-to-date vaccinations will be required 7 days prior to boarding. A recent fecal exam is also required, but can be performed at time of boarding. If you would like this service at the time of drop-off, let us know in advance and we will schedule this preventive care and veterinary service.

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