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Veterinary Services: Holistic Therapies

Alternative Veterinary ServicesIn addition to our complete offering of basic and special veterinary services - the ones you would find at most practices – Dr. Bradley Bays and her team are also proud to offer a variety of unique treatment options that have produced excellent results with respect to pain management and rehabilitation in animals who haven’t responded in the traditional manner to regular treatment.

Some of these alternative therapies include:

  • Herbal Therapy – Just as humans can benefit from herbal supplements and natural treatment options, your pet can too. Various plants produce extracts that can support organ function, provide pain relief, and provide benefits in ways that pharmaceutical options sometimes cannot.
  • Cold Laser – Utilizing a low level infrared laser, we can treat a pet’s tissue to provide treatment and relief in certain instances.
  • Veterinary Acupuncture – To learn more about our acupuncture options, please click here.
  • Alpha Stim – This unique therapy option utilizes micro-current pulses to treat pain, anxiety, insomnia and even depression. We typically consider it for pain management cases where other treatments haven’t had their intended effect.

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