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Full Service Vet Clinic

Belton Animal Clinic is a full-service facility, which means we are able to provide for all your pet's needs in one location. Whether your pet is experiencing a medical emergency or sickness, or you simply need an exam and vaccinations to keep your pet healthy longer, we're here for you.

Preventative Care

Exams, vaccinations and parasite prevention are just a part of Belton Animal Clinic & Exotic Care Center’s general wellness protocols. We're happy to answer any questions you may have, so please do not hesitate to give us a call.

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Diagnostic Care

If your dog or cat is acting sick or injured, please call our office to schedule an appointment. In most situations, we are able to see your pet the same day.

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Veterinary Pet Surgery

Do get in touch If you have questions about our surgical offerings. If you would like a consultation for a planned procedure, please make an appointment with one of our clinicians.

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Pet Dental Services

Belton Animal Clinic & Exotic Care Center is fully committed to providing the best pet dental care in the area. In addition to regular teeth cleanings, our trained veterinarians are adept at extractions and other complex procedures. Furthermore, we are the only general veterinary practice in the area with digital dental radiography equipment.

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Holistic Therapies

In addition to our complete offering of basic and special veterinary services--the ones you would find at most practices--Dr. Bradley Bays and her team are also proud to offer a variety of unique treatment options that have produced excellent results with respect to pain management and rehabilitation in animals who haven’t responded in the traditional manner to regular treatment.

Holistic and alternative therapies can be very useful in treating pets for many acute and chronic conditions. They work best when utilized in combination with traditional veterinary therapies. Although amazing results can be achieved, it is important that both the veterinarian and the owner discuss expectations for the therapies used. The most important goals are to make the patient more comfortable, less anxious and to have an improved quality of life.

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Dr. Teresa Bradley Bays is now a certified veterinary acupuncturist!

Acupuncture is a modality that helps with so many issues in both human and animal medicine. It has been an especially great adjunct with western medicine at Belton Animal Clinic & Exotic Care Center in helping with pain, anxiety and stress-associated problems and as an adjunct to traditional western medicine for treating both acute and chronic medical issues including cancer, Cushing’s disease, chronic kidney disease, arthritis, and any diseases that cause pain and inflammation.

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Puppy & Kitten Care

A new puppy or kitten is exciting, and we hope you choose Belton Animal Clinic & Exotic Care Center as a trusted partner in your new pet's life!

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Geriatric Services

Geriatric and Senior Wellness – “It’s not how old they are, it’s HOW they are!”

Our goal is to not only manage symptoms, but to create a platform where pet families can help to keep their aging pets symptom free as long as possible.

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Exotic Pet Care

Many people believe the "best of the best" work in large metropolises - New York, Chicago, Los Angeles. However, when it comes to veterinary care for exotic pets, one of the most experienced veterinarians in the field is located in Belton, Missouri, twenty-five minutes south of Kansas City.

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Hospice Care

Our medical team is here to help you with the most difficult time period of your pet's life and provide you with options for end-of-life care and decision-making. Additionally, we have compiled several resources to help you navigate this emotional time, including dealing with grief and alleviating anxiety so you can focus on providing your pet with compassionate care and love.

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